Top Free Android Emulators for Windows 7 PC

So there are many android emulators and they are required for running the android apps as well as games on the PC. Well, choosing the best android emulators is difficult and might become a more taunting task but if you not select them properly, so they will make your computer go really slow. So here, we are bring you free and best android emulators for pc right now that can be run on Windows 7, Windows 8,8.1 and as well as Windows 10. You can use these android emulators for your pc.

Droid4X :


Droid4X is the one of the newest android emulators out there that we have mentioned in our article and it might be the most interesting one as well. Droid4X is a very good one and has been developed to provide real power to the users. It’s features are awesome too. Droid4X comes pre rooted and has the Play store installed as well. It is really fast and won’t lag. It also allow you for configuring your keyboard and controller.

Xamarin :


Xamarin Android emulator is the one about which people don’t really know. It is really unheard and if you compare it with other emulators, so it is less popular. But it is a really good one and will provide you one of the best experience for your computer. It is absolutely free.

GenyMotion :


GenyMotion is a good and a very cool android emulator out there for personal computers and it can be a very good one if you don’t want to use the Bluestacks. It has got some really out of the hatch features like OpenGL as well as the support of hardware acceleration. It has been build on the x86  structure and in comparsion, it is a lot more better, effecient and faster then BlueStacks.

You will need to install the GenyMotion emulator on your computer and th
en configure your devices with it.

WindyRoy :


There is this another android emulator that can be used on your computer to play games and it is called Windroy. It is perhaps the most awesome android emulator out there. The cool thing about it is that it will run using the Windows Kernel. Also, it does not require the Virtualbox to be installed on your computer. It is also a very small and lite android emulator

BlueStacks :


Bluestacks is the widely known Android emulator. It is one of the most used android app player for Windows 7,8,10. It was free before but now it is only free in some particular regions (countries).

It has got an easy installtion on the Windows computer. Both Offline and online installers for it are available. And it does not require any 3rd party virtualization technology like VirtualBox.

AndyRoid :


AndyRoid is another one and it can be called as one of the cool android emulator for windows since it supports many great and awesome features. The features that it has are not got by any other android emulators in this list. You can use your phone as a remote control and then watch movies, or play games with. It has also got ARM support. You will also be able to install the apps directly in the AndyRoid emulator through the browser of your computer.

Andy is a good one and a best alternative to Genymtion and VirtualBox is needed for both of them to be installed on your computer.

DuOS-M :


There was a lot of competition between the two emulators YouWave and DuOS-M as both of them have 1 month free trial offer but I have decided to select the DuOS-M for the last spot.

t offers great android experince and has got many features like multitorch etc. It signifies and provide value to the PC Gaming.

The nice thing about this emulator is that it also provide GPS as well as the compatibility to use applications.

So this was the list of the best and free android emulator for pc right now in 2016. I hope you liked it. Keep visiting.