TheCleaner Review – Speed up and optimize your android

the cleaner android

The Cleaner is an app which you must install if you own an Android device. The Cleaner is a clean and beautifully designed straightforward application. Android phone gets slower day by day and after some months it frustrates us too much that we prefer to reset our phone means each and every data stored on our phone gets removed.

But now you don’t have to worry because Liquidum Studios have developed an app to get rid of this kind of situation. The Cleaner the app which works perfectly to help you free RAM and to help increase storage by deleting bloatware, cache and unused items.The Cleaner’s UI (user interface) is very simple simple and easy that it is possible to optimize your device with 2 clicks only via a widget. Enough chit chat now let’s review this awesome application.

After tapping the analyze button the application will analyze phones memory and will pick apps which runs in background and consume memory. After analyzing it will show up a list of all applications which consume memory and runs in background.Now tick the ones you want to get removed and tap clean button. It is just that simple Tadda your phones memory is now optimized and you will feel things more smoother and lighter.

Swiping to right brings you to the storage tab configuration is same as Memory one.It helps you clear some storage by removing old documents, cache and unused items.

The design is very simple of the app though cool animations make it beautiful. Though there are some themes from you can choose which suits you the most. One additional theme is free though other are available via in-app purchases.

The cleaner app comes with a couple of widgets for your home screen so you can optimize your memory in just a single tap as whole app was clean and beautiful the widget is also .


 The Cleaner- Speed Up and Clean is a very helpful app for android users who are facing issues with low ram and low memory though using this app in intervals can increase the performance of your phone. Since it’s a free app you don’t have to feel pity everyone is able to download and use this app for as long as they want. Download it now and get the most of your phone.
Speed up and optimize your android with TheCleaner application.