The Top 4 Android Puzzle Games

candy crush saga

Games are always fun to play and are great way to pass time. A puzzle is a game or problem that tests a person’s inventiveness. Though puzzle’s also help our brain to exercise and as you all know it is always fun to solve puzzle games. Ok enough chitchat now let’s come to the point top 4 puzzle games for Android is a list inspired by my own gaming experience as i am a puzzle lover and have tried over 57 puzzle games till now so i surely know which one of them is awesome and fun to play.The games described below are available on both Android iOS. The download links are only for Android users.

1.Candy Crush Saga

On number one i will put Candy Crush Saga as best puzzle game.The game is beautiful, colourful and joyful to play. The fundamental move of this game is horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two contiguous candies, to make sets of three (or more) candies of the same shade.

The game is free to download from PlayStore or you can download it from here.


The game is quite beautiful and joyful to play though some people who don’t like math,s won’t also like the game.The game is based on maths. Player has to slide numbered tiles with each other to create multiples. For Example, 1+1=2 ,4,8,16,24 and this goes on. The

This game is also free and easily downloadable from this link.

3.Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 because the character in the game well known as Om Nom is very cute and funny. The game is quite easy and fun to play but we have to use our brain by playing this one a little mistake and the game is over. All we have to do is Cut the rope so the candy hung with the rope falls into Om Nom’s mouth.

The game is free and you can easily download it from this link.

4.Sprinkle Islands

Ok enough candies for now come to water Sprinkle Islands is very nice puzzle watery game in the game there is fire and you have to extinguish the fire using the water cannon. Water will also be used to clear obstacles to reach fire.

The game is free to download yet it also is having a paid version with more levels and no ads.Download