Euphoria OS ROM for Google Nexus 6 (Android 5.1.1)

Do you want that your Nexus 6 should be fast in performance and it should have Android 5.1.1 along with the features of CM 12.1?


If you are looking for a super stable ROM, that’s extremely fast and yet it’s stable then you might want to check the ROM called Euphoria OS ROM.  With no overclocking or anything this Euphoria OS ROM for Nexus 6 scores a high score of 53k on Antutu and the benchmarks of it are off the chart and running fully stable on 2.7 Ghz. People found this ROM to be slightly faster than the stock Android 5.1 which scored less on Antutu and its score was nearly 51-52k on it so it gives Euphoria OS ROM a good lead in performance and speed than the normal Android 5.1 stock ROM.

Apart from these benchmarks etc, you can feel the difference when you are running apps and when you are switching between apps. If you have already tried this ROM, you would know what I’m talking about and also many people have had great experiences with this ROM.

Most of the features available on CM 12.1 are also available Euphoria OS so I won’t go all over the features about them because all the features that are available on CM 12.1 are already available on this ROM. But one feature that you will find on Euphoria Rom and not on CM 12.1 is that you will have the ability to customize your heads up notifications. Many of the people who have already upgraded to STOCK Lollipop complain that they are not able to customize the heads up notifications in their stock lollipop and that’s the problem in it but the Euphoria ROM gives you another feature to customize your heads up notifications and that’s really a great feature of this ROM. With this, you will be able to do things like set time out and if you want to block apps, you can simply block the specific apps from giving you those heads up notifications. There are couple of more features that I forgot to mention as well, just like ear speaker notification light and many more.

You want to make your Euphoria OS ROM for Nexus 6 more faster by overclocking?

Well, there’s actually no requirement. Well, one of the guy of HighonAndroid has tried every custom kernel that’s out there and it hinders this particular ROM. So don’t overclock it. It runs the best without overclocking and without having a custom kernel. This maybe because of this that the developer of Euphoria ROM has tried to make this ROM very efficient on its default frequencies as well.

This ROM is actually faster than any other custom ROM than you would have tried ever and I can guarantee it.

You can’t go wrong with the Euphoria ROM if you really want some great performance with Android 5.1.1, want good battery life, and a nice customization of CM 12. So then you need to make sure that you check you out this ROM must for this weekend and do let me know what do you think about it.

Download Euphoria OS ROM for Nexus 6.

You can also download the Android 5.1 Gapps from our website ( Make sure to not use Android 5.0/5.01/5.02 Gapps or you will do something wrong and that’s that you will force close on the setup)

You need a rooted Google Nexus 6 for this ROM to work. If you don’t have a rooted Nexus 6, your ROM would not work. So if you don’t have the rooted Google Nexus 6, then first root it.

Click on the above link to go the page where you will find the root of Nexus 6.

Also, make sure you make a backup of your ROM first and we will post a tutorial soon On HOW to install Custom ROM with TWRP. You can check it later on, and it will help you installing this ROM.

The credits of this ROM goes to the developer at XDA forum and if you like this ROM, then kindly donate to its developer at XDA forum and if you can’t donate then just like it at the XDA forums.