Cyanidel ROM Download for Google Nexus 6 (Android 5.1.1)

If you are here looking for the fastest ROM for your Nexus 6, then I would say that it is Euphoria OS ROM as the performance is amazing the best and one of the coolest as compared to other Android 5.1.1 Custom Roms that are out there right now.

But however, if you wanna try a ROM  of Android 5.1.1 with more customization, and other features then must check out this ROM called the Cyanidel ROM for Nexus 6.

This ROM is great and has many good features that are normally found in many AOSP ROMs such as custom system animations and the feature of custom shortcuts for navigation, identicons etc and many other features including the one called AppBar and another one AppCircleBar, also there is a feature called extended desktop, and some more as well like Gesture anywhere and LCD Density charger etc.


Although the speed and performance in benchmarks of this Cyanidel ROM are not as high as Euphoria OS Rom (the difference is around 50k vs 30k) but the number of customization that are offered in this ROM outlasts the other Rom. If you want to have a very highly customizable ROM having Android 5.1.1 then check this ROM out in this week and tell me what do you think about it once you use it.

And as a note custom roms that people have tried don’t seem to work pretty well when they are overclocked (they cause many reboots) having the latest android 5.1.1.  When a good custom ROM comes out for Android 5.1.1, we will definitely hit you up and don’t forget to subscribe to this website so that you keep updated of everything that’s going around here.

Download :

Download Cyanidel ROM for Nexus 6

You can also download Android 5.1 Gapps from our website ( Do not use Android 5.0/5.01/ 5.01/ Gapps on it otherwise you will force close on the setup.

  • For this ROM, you need a rooted Nexus 6 as well, if you don’t have a rooted Nexus 6, first learn how to root your Google Nexus 6.
  • First make sure you have already made a backup of this ROM, and then Install this Custom ROM with TWRP. We will post a tutorial soon on how to How to install Custom ROM.

All the Credits for this ROM goes to the developer from XDA forum, and if you like it so donate to the developer of this ROM and if you can’t donate then just at least, like it on the XDA Forum. That’s the least that you can do.