Best SQL Injection tools, scanners for Penetration Testers

This is a guide for the top SQL injection tools on the web right now that you can use and get benefit from.

Since the adoption to many online tools is common and is being carried out by many business companies. It enables them to connect with its customers for different concerns. They might be security concerns as well and it is because of bad coding or the coding that is done in a bad manner. Vulnerabilities in different online applications enable hackers to exploit the web applications and acesss very sensitive information that may be public and they include login information as well as other personal data, which is private.

These web applications will give a chance to visitors to send data from databases and to internet as well. Databases are the backbones of the web applications and you can call them their hearts or cores. As databases has the data which is required for the applications so that they can deliver content to the users as well as provide other data to customers and provide information to customers, and suppliers.

This is the most command technique of hacking which is used for web applications and what it does is that it sends SQL commands using the web applications and then, these commands are executed by the back-end of databses. The vulnerability is figured out when a user inputs some data (that is incorrect) but then get the data back from the database as the commands are executed.

Checking the SQL injection for different online applications can be the best way and it is mostly used to audit the web applications for vulnerabilities. So here we are, we have come up with the list of many good SQL injection tools that are the scanners of SQL inection and are the expert of finding vulnerabilities in web applications.


SQLIer will take vulnerable urls and will try to get the required information in order to get the sql injection weakess and exploits it. It does not need the user internation for its functionality and can be used easily.


This is a scanner that will act like a set of compilation tools for getting the MySQL database information through blind SQL injection.

SQL Injection Brute forcer

This is a tool which is useful in the automation of doing SQL injection and can figure out SQL injection weakness. It is a scanner which can perform Blind as well as simple SQL injection. The way it funtions is that it carry common operators using SQL to get the exposure in different vulnearble applications


This is a useful tool and a one of the good sql injection tools that can be used for the extraction of data from databses through SQL injection commands and weaknesses. SQLbrute supports the error based as well as time based SQL injection and can exploit forms in Oracle and MS SQL server. It can also do error based exploits. This tool is mainly made in Python langague and it can untilize multithreading as well. Though, it needs standard libraries for it to function


This is a tool that is very helpful in doing audits and exploiting SQL injection weaknesses. BobCat will rely on the reears that are made by AppSecInc. This is a scanner which is capable of displaying the datbase schema, and other linked servers and also enable the data to be retrieved from tables which users of applications can easily get hands on.


This a revolutionary tool and a very innovatine one for the SQL injection. It is also designed in Python and will be able to carry out different dynamic fingerprint for the database management systemls and it can be also used to combine the remote databases. The main objective of this SQLMap tool is to implement a good functional system for the datbases so that it can exploit online web application system errors, vulnerabilities and flaws that are done in programiing which can also result in the SQL injection vulnerablities.}


This is a GUI based scanner and what it does it to automate procedures for the downloading of schema as well as the other contents of the databases which are vulnerable to SQL injection.


This command line utility searches SQL injections as well as common errors within a website. SQID is capable of performing various operations like searching in web pages to establish SQL Injection and testing submit forms to establish probable SQL injection weaknesses.

Blind SQL Injection Perl Tool

This tool is designed in Perl and it is tool that will allow you different audtiors to do audtis and access the information that are prone to SQL injection

SQL Power Injector

This is a tool which will help the vulnerability testers in the injection of SQL commands to get the data from web pages. The main objective of this tool is to automate SQL injection using many different threads

FJ-Injector Framework

It is a free tool and is developed in the open source platform. Its task is to help you late the SQL injection vulnerabilites in the online web applications. The tool has a proxy feature as well and it uses it in intercepting and modyifying different requests in the HTTP, and also it automates the utilization of SQL injection


This is a tool that will exploit SQL injection weaknesses in the online applications and which use MS SQL databases (back-end databases).}

Automatic SQL Injector

It is an automated sql injection tool used for SQLI and is pretty useful in saving your time when someone tries to do penetration testing. This tool helps you in Vanilla SQL injection and where you get errors, so it will solve your problems then.