Best Free Kali Linux Wallpapers for Download!

There are many good and beautiful wallpapers available on the internet. Many people have different taste for them. Some people like cars wallpapers and others like nature wallpapers. Some even go for other kind of wallpapers. It all depends on person to person and there is no limit. There is no limitation on the type of wallpapers that people are going to like and use. It all comes down to the personal choices of everyone. Today, I am going to show and share with you some  of the beautiful wallpapers of Kali Linux. Kali Linux is an ethical hacking and penetration testing operating system.  In this post, I will share some of the very best Kali Linux wallpapers that you will like and might want to use.

Kali Linux has limited amount of wallpapers that you can use by default. You would need some more wallpapers to make it look great and exciting according to your taste, desire and choice.  Wallpapers of Kali Linux can be searched on Google to get some cool ones.  But here, I will share some of the best wallpapers for Kali Linux. with you.  Kali Linux has different desktop environments but the default one is Gnome. Gnome has some wallpapers but not much. It depends on the type of Linux distribution too. Some have more and some have less by default. But Kali Linux has not a lot of  wallpapers in it. That is the reason why you need more wallpapers in it.

Some other reasons for using more wallpapers and backgrounds  in Kali Linux as follow :

  • You want to make your Kali Linux according to your own taste.
  • Want to have a separate look of your own for the distribution.
  • You might not like the default Kali Linux wallpapers.
  • You might want to have your own ethical hacking environment set up. It needs to be according to your own choice!

There can be plenty of other reasons but the main reason is your choice. That’s why you would want to have a nice list and set of Kali Linux wallpapers to choose from.

Kali Linux has different themes available that you can select and use. It has the official already available when you install it. Gnome is installed in Kali Linux by default. You might want to check the different gnome themes as well inside your Kali Linux. Gnome has different sets of tools that can let you tweak it according to your own taste like Gnome Tweak tool etc. These tools can be used for tweaking your operating system according to your wishes. Gnome is a very powerful desktop environment and will be easy for you to manage and tweak.

You can use these wallpapers on your android phones as well as iPhone. They can be used on the hard drive install of Kali Linux as well. There is no limit for using it. I have included the blue wallpaper of Kali Linux as well that people like and download. You can even use these wallpapers in the grub so you will see them when you boot up your Kali Linux machine. They include the Kali Linux logo wallpaper as well so you don’t need to worry about it either. All of it is present in this post.

Another good thing is that you can use these wallpapers in your lock screen or login screen as well so these are your login screen wallpapers as well. These wallpapers have a hacker touch in it. They will make your Kali Linux operating system really like a hacker’s operating system.

Now, let’s get back to the point. I was going to share the best Kali Linux Wallpapers with you so here they are. I would not like to keep you waiting any longer. So enjoy all these cool wallpapers.

Kali Linux HD Wallpapers free for Download :

These are some of the Kali Linux wallpapers. You can find more by simply searching on Google. You should use Google more than just searching in here.

I can’t really upload 100 wallpapers here.

But these were just to get you some idea. Share it with your friends too. Hope you like these great wallpapers that will make your day.