This blog is made for the purpose of providing useful stuff regarding technology. I am Abdul Kabir Khan who owns this blog and my goal is to write on stuff here that I like and that I think will help you people as well. Besides that, I will write on various topics related to technology on this blog that will help you and you will get benefit out of them. I might write on news or some how to tutorials or some other stuff like on Linux, Android etc. The topics on which I will write on this blog are not yet certain and it will change with the trends in technology and my personal likes but they will surely be related to technology.

This blog will cover Linux, How to Guides, Android, Windows, Smart Phones, Penetration Testing and much more. So keep visiting this often to get knowledge of the above. I hope your stay here will be nice and you will learn and discover many things. I hope the solutions to the problems that you might have searched and which lead you here are helpful and understandable. Also, I hope that you will like the whole blog and might give me a feedback about it. If you think that something should be present here which is not yet, so do contact me via the Contact Us page in the top left corner of the page.

I would also like to tell you about myself. I am a 19 years old guy who is studying Pre Engineering and belongs to Pakistan. My picture is below :

In the end, I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and this blog will help you and serve the purpose for which it is created.

Thank you for your time!